“Now You’re Dancing!”

I didn’t expect to do another post so soon, but I had to share! Right after publishing the last post, I went to the studio for a dance lesson. What better way to end the day? My last lesson left me frustrated and then I had several extremely stressful and/or depressing days, so I was ready for an upswing.

First thing we did was the cha cha routine. I told Teacher that after our last lesson, I was getting angry at the spin that kept beating me and I wanted payback. Well, in that very first run through, I got it! I spun around 1.5 times and landed balanced and facing Teacher with my left foot pointed and ready for the next step. Yes! We stopped to enjoy the victory and exchange a double high-five. Then I said “ok, quick, keep going, don’t scare it away!” referring to my new-found ability to complete the move with balance and control. It was like spotting a unicorn!

Turned out to not be that rare. We went through the routine a second time, covering some technique points, and amazingly I did it again! I think I ended up successfully completing the spin four or five times during the lesson. There was a little wobble here and there, but nothing major. Huzzah!

Now because I am the way I am, I have to confess that I wasn’t in my rhythm heels. I wore my practice shoes with the thicker, shorter heel. I suspected they might help the spin and even though I feel like I’m admitting some defeat when I “downgrade,” I told myself I can still work my way back up. Get stronger in the practice shoes and then switch back to the rhythm shoes. It’s strategy, not defeat.

When I commented about the different shoes at the end of our lesson, Teacher rolled his eyes and wondered if I could ever just give myself some credit! One thing at a time, Teacher.

After success in cha cha, we moved to rumba in which I was supposed to focus on the figure-eight movement in my hips, specifically the forward part. Apparently, I like to cheat and cut the corners instead of taking my hip around the full curve. We went through pieces of the rumba routine and again, I had success! So much so that at one point, Teacher exclaimed “now you’re dancing!” And I was feeling so good about it that the thought “great, what was I doing before?” never crossed my mind! I just thought of it now and it kinda makes me laugh that I honestly didn’t think it at the time. It would be such a “me” thing to think.

I treasure these lessons because they are so rejuvenating. I just love it when things click. Not necessarily that they come easy, but my mind and body are in sync with what I want to happen. That’s when I really do feel like I’m dancing!


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