Countdown to Emerald Ball: 3 Days – A Brief Break

Happy Sunday dancers! I’m taking an uncommon break right now to chill on the couch to watch some TV and check in with you. I can’t chill too long because I have to do some extra work for the day job tonight. I am multi-tasking and also getting the laundry done at least. So what’s been happening?

First, a dance update:

After Beach Bash, while we both thought Standard went pretty well considering, Teacher suggested that we wait to compete in that style again. I had already registered to do both Smooth and Standard styles at Emerald, but after seeing me freak out on Standard day, Teacher thought we should take some more time to prepare and get comfortable in Standard before I put myself under pressure to compete in it again. Made sense to me, so I contacted Emerald and cancelled my Standard entries.

My main goal leading up to Emerald was to figure out how to adjust my dance position so my neck wouldn’t be killing me on comp day. I attended a Smooth workshop last weekend and took any Q&A opportunity to ask how I could avoid that neck strain. The general theme of the day among the four coaches who taught was keeping the body fluid instead of freezing it in your frame. I’ve heard this concept before. Ballroom dance technique has a lot of contradiction in it. You need to stretch up as you lower. Your frame should be firm but flexible. I kept an open mind and absorbed as much advice as I could.

If my last lesson is any indication, something clicked in my brain because Teacher said my frame and our connection were great, and I didn’t feel like my neck was being wrenched. It still gets stiff, but for Smooth at least, where I’m not holding my head in closed position the entire time, I’m making progress.

2015 Emerald Ball DSC_4815That’s a good thing because Wednesday is comp day! It’s been three years since I last competed at Emerald Ball. I’m actually more excited than nervous. I’m sure the nerves will show up soon, but I’m enjoying the more positive anticipation for now. Last time I was at Emerald, I competed in bronze Smooth and placed first in the closed bronze scholarship. So now, I have the chance to win the closed silver scholarship! I’ve had fun checking in via Facebook livestream, so be sure to watch the Girl with the Tree Tattoo Facebook page for live updates on the big day.

Now for the non-dance updates:

This past week, I finished revisions to the Solo Practice Guide and sent it to my editor! Yay! I still need to write the acknowledgements and afterword, but the main part of the book is complete. I’m also excited because I figured out a way to meet the final “some day” goal listed on my Goals page. I thought I’d have to reach “rich and famous” status before I could support another dancer, but turns out I can make it happen now for the people who join the Solo Practice Guide launch team. If you’re interested in getting the Guide before it’s officially published and the chance to make some extra dance money, click that link.

That’s it for now. I’ve got to get going on that day job work. Have a great week, everyone! See you on the dance floor!


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