2017 Competition Goals

2016 didn’t work out too well as far as competition goals go. Here’s to coming back stronger than ever in 2017!

Ballroom Beach Bash – My “comeback” comp after over a year of not competing went great! Read all about it.

Desert Classic – Pleased with my performance, but took a minor ego blow in the placements. It’s all in how you look at it.

United States Dance Championships, a.k.a. “Nationals” – Two years ago, my trip to Nationals was abruptly cancelled. Teacher and I want to give it another go! Can we make it happen? The answer is no. BUT there was an alternative…

Embassy Ball, a.k.a. “Worlds” – Officially my best performances ever! And worst placements. Huh? Find out more.

Long-term Goals/Potential Paths

Just some thoughts for “some day.” I’m more likely to work toward them if I let the world in on the secret.

Some day I want to write a book related to my pro-am experiences.  DONE! Click here to learn more and download my Dance Diaries series!

Some day I would like to compete with an amateur partner. Certainly would be less expensive! – Currently searching for a partner to work and compete with. 

Some day I want to be able to support another dancer like me who is rich in passion and drive but poor in the financial means to achieve their dreams/goals.


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