A sampling of my dancing at competitions

Embassy Ball 2017

Full Silver Round – Waltz

Full Silver Round – Tango

Full Silver Round – Foxtrot

Full Silver Round – Viennese Waltz

California Open 2016
My first silver competition

Closed Silver Scholarship – Waltz

Closed Silver Scholarship – Tango

Closed Silver Scholarship – Foxtrot

Closed Silver Scholarship – Viennese Waltz

Emerald Ball April 2015

Open Bronze Round – Waltz

Catch the stumble? Good teacher was there to hold me steady.

Closed Bronze Scholarship Round – Waltz

Closed Bronze Scholarship Round – Tango

See the two judges in the foreground? They’re debating if the silhouette on my tattoo is Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire! You can see the first judge ask my teacher if it’s Gene Kelly after we finish the dance and tell the other judge “told you!” after Teacher confirms.

Closed Bronze Scholarship Round – Foxtrot

Intermediate Bronze Round – Viennese Waltz


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