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Hi, I’m Katie

I am passionate and committed to helping my fellow dancers boost their confidence while discovering the dancer within by providing inspiration from my own journey with a healthy dose of practicality. 

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About Me 

I am also known as the Girl with the Tree Tattoo. I have been studying ballroom dance since 2012 and have successfully competed as an amateur ballroom dancer since 2014. Since starting the Girl with the Tree Tattoo blog in 2015, I have welcomed thousands of visitors who value my openness and willingness to share the good, the bad, and the awkward of my journey while shedding light on the rarely addressed mental and emotional aspects of being a ballroom dancer. I’ve also been featured on the following websites and publications:

U.S. News and World Report Sheer Dance FloDance DanceSport  DanceBeat Dance AdvantageDance Comp Review

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My Mission

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My mission is to inspire and motivate my fellow ballroom dancers to become the confident and joyful performers they are born to be instead of the ones that others want them to be. As powerful as inspiration can be, I’m also a practical girl. I hate it when I feel so inspired and motivated to take action, but then I’m left with no idea what my next actual step should be!

In my own offers, I’ve always provided practical guidance along with inspiring stories. That recipe led to the creation of the Dance Diaries series, a pair of eBooks on getting started in ballroom dance and budgeting for your ballroom passion, and The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing, a complete guide to practicing partner dancing on your own.

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Who I Serve

I am passionate and committed to helping my fellow dancers boost their confidence while discovering the dancer within by providing inspiration from my own journey with a healthy dose of practicality. I don’t pretend like I have all of the answers, and I could never replace your dance teacher or coach. That being said…

If you’re feeling stuck, frustrated or doubtful about your progress as a dancer,
If you LOVE ballroom, but secretly wonder if you really belong,
If you want straight-up honest stories from someone who always keeps it real and KNOWS what you’re going through because she’s in it with you,
Then I am your Girl.

When they connect with that dancer inside them, the people I work with feel more confident, joyful and free on the dance floor. Ballroom dancing is about connection. Connection with the music, ourselves, our partners, and those watching. When that connection is authentic and honest, that is when the magic happens.