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After starting ballroom dance, I noticed my fashion taste changed. Every time I went shopping for clothes, the first question in my mind was “could I dance in this?” Whether going out with friends or going, yet again, to the dance studio, I wanted to be wearing something I could move in.

Here are some options I’ve come across (click the link to jump down to that category):

Fitness Clothing/Gear
Ballroom Accessories


e.K. Clothing*

(From their website) “e.K. Clothing / Dancewear is an online shop devoted exclusively to offering the latest in latin dance apparel and clubwear. Many of the clothes in our store are Salsa & Mambo inspired styles however we also carry flower hair clips, asymmetrical skirts, flare pants, and halter dresses that are great for Ballroom, Swing, Tango, Jazz and Flamenco fashion.”

They also sell dance shoes and items for men. Personally, I think they have a lot of fun styles AND they’re AFFORDABLE!

Fitness Clothing and Gear

Blogilates Designs*

I have followed Cassey Ho, the founder of Pop Pilates and Blogilates Designs, for years. Her shop offers fitness clothing (good for working out AND dance practice!), equipment like yoga mats and water bottles, workout videos and more. The clothing products are mainly geared toward women, but there are a few items in there for men too!

Read about my experience participating in the Blogilates’ Journey to Splits challenge: Journey Complete, Splits Not So Much

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Ballroom Accessories

Although Supadance is a more expensive brand of ballroom shoe, I LOVE my pair. I wear style 2012 and they fit comfortably from the first moment I put them on and required very little break-in time. has the least expensive price I’ve found.

My Ballroom Boutique

“An affordable shop for beautiful ballroom jewelry” One of my readers and a fellow ballroom dancer designs all of the jewelry herself!

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