My Process for Learning “Post-Basics”

Everyone learns in their own way. Some learn by doing, others by taking notes. Some are visual learners and others are auditory. I think I’m a combination of methods. But as I learn more about the silver level of ballroom and more advanced ballroom technique, I’m noticing my internal learning process is a little more complicated than when I was just learning bronze and the basics.

Warning, I drop a few F bombs in this post.

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Cutting Back to Move Forward or Why I Love Group Class

Can you believe it’s June already? The year is almost halfway over! A new month always means one thing: new bills to pay. After paying rent, a utility bill, and a credit card bill all at once, I thought I better take another look at my projected budget for the next few months. I have two budgets: a general one of income and expenses, so I know I’m living within my means, and a projected one, so I can see more precisely where I’ll be financially at certain times in the next few months, like when rent is due or when I need to write a check for comp entry fees. I can also better time bill paying with paychecks. It’s all very carefully planned so I can continue following these crazy ballroom dreams of mine.

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Psst! I Launched My Patreon Page…

I considered staying quiet about this, but I knew that was silly and what was the point of launching a fundraising page if no one knew about it.

Check it out: Support the Girl

The idea of is old school – be a patron of the arts. Support your favorite artist and their creations. Instead of a one-time contribution to support a specific project, patrons make ongoing monetary pledges. The creators (that’s me in this case) do what they do best – create! They share their creations and special rewards with their patrons. I thought “I have something to share with the world, let’s give this a try!”

Nothing is changing with Everything stays the same, free for all. But if I’m going to continue on this journey in the directions I want to go (advance in smooth, start competing in rhythm, write a book!), I’m going to need some help. I’m working on expanding my services and am always reevaluating my budget to see where I can cut costs. is one more avenue I’m exploring to help fund this adventure.

So there you have it. I’m no good at asking for this kind of help, so I’ll let my Patreon page speak for itself. Please spread the word and keep working toward your own dreams!

P.S. – Stay tuned for a post about working up the nerve to dare to ask the world to part with their hard-earned money to support my journey. Oh boy, the demons are having a field day! But screw ’em, I managed to launch the site anyway!

Lightbulb Moment – New Approach to Expressing Emotion

I set a goal for myself to practice performance in at least three of my lessons in the month of April. I had the same goal set in March but I didn’t tell my teacher and never really pushed myself to do it without him prompting. So this month I let Teacher in on the plan, and like the good teacher he is, he set aside time in my last lesson for me to “perform.” I managed to not run away in panic.

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