The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing


The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing is for ballroom dance students like you and me. We LOVE ballroom and crave becoming the best dancers we can possibly be, but we’re in a unique position. Our dancer partners, a.k.a. our teachers, are not available to practice with us outside of our private lessons. While our dancing can and will improve through our private lessons, we know the progress will be slow and likely plateau at some point without additional practice.

Brought to you by a World Champion dancer (me!), the Solo Practice Guide is designed to help you improve your dancing without spending money on extra lessons.

If you’re tired of feeling frustrated and unclear about what, when or how to practice your dancing on your own;

If you’d like to go to your solo practice and leave feeling like you accomplished something;

If you want to be able to impress your teacher and the judges with how quickly your dancing improves;

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There’s no need to avoid your solo practice. I’ve got you, and you’ve got this.

Now get to practicing!