Do You Solo Practice?


The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing is for ballroom dance students like you and me. We LOVE ballroom and crave becoming the best dancers we can possibly be, but we’re in a unique position. Our dancer partners, a.k.a. our teachers, are not available to practice with us outside of our private lessons. While our dancing can and will improve through our private lessons, we know the progress will be slow and likely plateau at some point without additional practice. I can only afford about two lessons a week. At 45 minutes each, I know there is no way I can advance into higher levels of dancing with those lessons alone. I need to practice on my own in between lessons.

While I work on the full guide and make sure every question is answered (like “how long should you practice?” or “what if you can’t get to the studio and have limited space at home?”), I created a free worksheet to get you started.

I packed as much information as I could onto one page. There is a sample practice that you can use from start to finish, or you can pick and choose pieces to supplement what you’re already doing. There are also lots of tips I hope you will find useful.

We all want to be amazing dancers, and I know you’re committed like I am to taking action to get there. So drop your name and email in the form to get the link to download your worksheet, and start practicing!