Star Dance Tour – Ohio Star Ball!

Update: Teacher and partner made it into the semifinal round of the Open Pro Smooth event. They WON the audience wildcard vote, so they were still able to perform their show dance! Unfortunately, they just missed winning the final audience vote. Let’s rally and kick it up a notch for the grand finale of the Star Dance Tour at City Lights Open in January 2017!

Hello my lovely readers!

Before I start seriously packing for my cross-country road trip, I wanted to let you know that Teacher and his pro partner will be competing at Ohio Star Ball this Saturday, November 19, and we can watch it livestreamed!

For those who aren’t aware, Ohio Star Ball is a HUGE ballroom competition. For pro-am students, it hosts the final event for the Best of the Best Dancesport Challenge. For Teacher, it is the latest stop on the Star Dance Tour.

I’ll be on the road on Saturday, but should make it to my first hotel in time to watch Teacher dance. If not, you can bet I’ll be sitting at a rest stop livestreaming on my phone! As usual, you can watch the livestream here. Teacher has told me their first round is around 8:30pm EST, but if you want to catch other events happening on the same night, the session starts at 7pm EST according to Ohio Star Ball’s website. If I learn of any schedule changes, I will update this post.

Don’t forget to stick around to vote!  You’ll be able to vote on the livestream website (just refresh the page if the poll doesn’t appear when the MC at the competition announces that it’s time). As usual, there will be a “wildcard” vote and then a final vote. The wildcard vote is for dancing couples in the semifinal round who do not make it to the final round. Whoever gets the most wildcard votes will still get to perform their show dance.

Once the show dances are over, there will be another chance to vote. Just like on Dancing with the Stars, winning the audience vote helps the couples advance in the tour. Teacher and his partner have won the popular vote at EVERY competition they’ve danced at for the Star Dance Tour. That should tell you something about their show dancing abilities (and how awesome their fans are). I happen to know, and I’ll share with you, that they are planning on performing a new show dance at Ohio. So if you’re thinking you’ve already seen their dance and don’t need to watch it again, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Please join me to watch the livestream on Saturday night. Watch for Kris Suakjian and Briana Haft on the polls when they open, and vote, vote, vote! Also, as usual, I’ll be hanging out on Facebook, so please stop by and say hi!

Ok, time to pack! Happy dancing everyone!

Star Dance Tour – Autumn Dance Classic: Time to Vote Again!

Update: Due to unfortunate circumstances, Teacher and his pro partner won’t be dancing at the Autumn Dance Classic. 😦  

You can still watch the livestream of course and see some great dancing. We’ll get ’em next time!  

Hi everyone!

It’s that time again! Teacher and his pro partner are competing in another leg of the Star Dance Tour tomorrow, Friday, October 14. We once again get the privilege of getting to watch some amazing ballroom dancing FOR FREE while helping out a great couple at the same time.

They are competing at the Autumn Dance Classic in San Francisco. As usual, the Star Dance Tour’s website will be live streaming the competition.


Here is the web page:

The final round of the Pro Open Smooth event starts about 10:20 pm PST. The show dances will happen right after the final round. After all of the show dances are done, the polls open for only 5 minutes (around 10:50 pm)!

I know it’s a little late (way past my bedtime!), but the show dances have been really incredible. They are worth staying up for! Watching on your computer or tablet or phone, all you have to do is refresh the page when the MC announces that it’s time to vote. A list of the couples’ names will appear below the streaming video and all you have to do is click their names: Kris Suakjian and Briana Haft.

You can also look for their number: 114. If you have multiple devices, vote on all of them!

Note that there may also be a “wildcard” vote after the semifinal round of Pro Open Smooth. This is to give a couple who didn’t make the final still have the chance to perform their show dance. You can vote for someone here too, but be sure you hang around until after the show dances to vote for Kris and Briana!

Another way you can vote is via text! Text “dancebeat” to 22333. You’ll get a response back acknowledging that you’ve joined the session. Then when it’s time to vote, just text “114” to the same number. You will get a response back, something like “You chose 114 Kris and Briana.” And that’s it!

As people vote, you’ll be able to refresh the live streaming page for updates on who’s winning the audience poll.  So far, Kris and Briana have either tied or won the audience vote at every competition on this tour!

Let’s keep this streak going!

I’ll be on Facebook and Twitter posting updates and when it’s time to vote, so please say hi if you’re online!

Please watch tomorrow, Friday, October 14, and VOTE for Kris Suakjian and Briana Haft!

Many thanks, and happy dancing!

Brain Knowledge Vs. Body Knowledge Or “Just” a Student

Once again, I started writing about one topic and ended up focusing on another. I didn’t want to get rid of the first one though, so this is a combo post. Just a heads up!

This week is smooth week! Teacher and I have been alternating between rhythm and smooth on our lessons. At first, we switched every lesson, but I quickly realized I needed at least a second lesson in the same style to follow up on what we worked on in the first lesson. So now, since I have two lessons a week typically, we alternate every week.

This week is smooth.

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