Photographer Meets Ballroom

Hello lovely readers/dancers!

A couple weeks ago, I received an email via Contact the Girl. If you ever debated about sending me a message, please know that I love getting emails from you guys!

This particular one was from Apolos Israel, a film student/photographer from Brooklyn, New York. He had just experienced his very first ballroom competition!

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Article Repost – A Labor of Love: The Dancing Over 50 Project

While browsing dance blogs during my lunch hour, I came across a site called Stance on Dance.  The founder recently completed a series of interviews of dancers up and down the West Coast, all of whom were over the age of 50.  She is collaborating with a photographer and is calling the project Dancing Over 50.

I love the idea and I love the photos that she’s already shared on her site.  To anyone who wonders if they are getting too old for dance or are too old to start, the answer is absolutely not!

Check it out!