Dancing Queens Episode 4 – Placements Don’t Matter, Except When They Do

For the first time on Dancing Queens, we get to see all six of the ladies on the competition dance floor. Sabrina, Donie, Colette, Gaëlle and Pooja are facing each other at New Orleans Open, while Leonie tests out her partnership with her pro partner Koysta at American Star Ball. Episode 3 showed us how mindset comes into play in the final moments before stepping onto the floor. This past week’s Episode 4 gives us the opportunity to ask the question: do placements matter?

Donie on Dancing Queens, Source: BravoTV
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Dancing Queens Episode 3 – Ballroom is a Mental Game

The ballroom drama continues in Week 3 of Dancing Queens! Sabrina, Donie, Colette and Gaëlle have travelled to New Orleans for their next competition, New Orleans Open, while Leonie prepares for American Star Ball in Atlantic City. We also meet the sixth lady of the show, Pooja.

Like Episode 1, this episode follows the ladies during the final days and hours before they step onto the competition dancefloor. As the countdown progresses, preparing to dance becomes less about rehearsing steps and more about the mental game.

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Dancing Queens Episode 2 – Let’s Talk Pro-Am Relationships

Episode 2 of Dancing Queens showed us the real drama of a ballroom competition, as students and their teachers put everything they have into their performances in hopes of being noticed by the judges, making the final and ultimately winning their event. It also provided some fantastic examples of the dynamics of the pro-am relationship and how they trigger tension and conflict.

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Dancing Queens Episode 1 – Not What I Was Expecting, In a Good Way!

Dancing Queens, a new reality show on Bravo about pro-am ballroom dancers, premiered last Tuesday. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to the first episode, after the trailer riled some people up. Personally, I was so curious to see how Bravo, a network known for melodramatic reality shows like The Real Housewives franchise, would portray this world. There is plenty of drama naturally in pro-am ballroom, but would it be enough for television or would Bravo’s producers need to amp things up a bit?

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