Videos! Aahhh!

Ok, as promised, I didn’t dawdle in publishing my Video page!  I kept previewing it, hoping I’d think of a reason I needed to delay, but I couldn’t think of anything. So there ya go, check it out! Or not, you don’t have to if you don’t want to.  That page can grow dusty from lack of visitors, it’s ok!

I’m going to take an example from another blogger and go make myself a cup of tea! And not take the page down.  I will not delete the page.  I will not delete the page. I will not delete the page.

I need some chamomile.


3 thoughts on “Videos! Aahhh!

  1. D_Wall says:

    I loved your videos! You dance very well and I admire you for being brave enough to post so many. I’ve only done it once and I hesitated over the “submit” button for a long time. Now I’ve got to go watch more.


    • theuphillfactor says:

      Thank you!! I just tried to post ones where you could see me most of the time and other dancers didn’t get in front of the camera. 🙂 I think it’s helping desensitize me, I can watch them with much less cringing now.


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