Road Trip Update

Tomorrow is the last day of my cross-country road trip, and I actually made it to my hotel tonight at a decent hour so I wanted to drop in and say hi.

One very silly mistake I made in planning was to forget to include the hour I would lose each day as I passed into another time zone. So if I was on the road for 12 hours, I would actually arrive 13 hours from my departure time. I would lose that hour in sleep because I was still trying to wake up to leave at the same time each day. That made for two long first days! 

Sunrise on Day 2

The trip has actually been kind of peaceful. My body hates me, especially the area between my neck and shoulders and my butt, but being alone on this trip (aside from the dogs) has given me time to reflect and think. I’ve also listened to a LOT of Internet radio. My car’s radio and CD player are broken, but I can connect my smart phone to the cassette player with an adapter (yes, my car is old enough to have a cassette player). It’s been fun being able to sing poorly to whatever came on as loudly as I wanted (sorry puppies!).

Maybe I’ll share some of my road trip thoughts with you after I’m settled in my designated home for the next two months, but now I have to get some sleep. One more day to go!


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