Is Dance a Relatable Art Form? Part 2

Welcome back, dancers!

Last time, I told you about a podcast I had listened to that really got the gears turning in the brain. I pondered the question, “why isn’t dance as relatable as other performance art forms like acting or singing?” I concluded that connection and shared experience were key. It’s easier for an audience to connect with actors and singers through a shared experience. Dance has a dualistic experience that happens externally and internally at the same time, and dancers don’t need an audience in order to feel fulfilled in their dancing. If a dancer isn’t able to bring the internal part of the experience out so the audience can connect to it, the audience won’t be able to connect and relate to the dance performance. As the panelists in the podcast episode discussed, this lack of relatability could be a major factor in how publicly successful dancers can be, compared to actors or singers.

So how can we make dance more relatable?

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I Line Danced My Heel Off. Literally!

In honor of National Dance Day, a quick post about another dance adventure Roomie and I went on last weekend! This time, it was a country music festival held at a restaurant/bar. You wouldn’t guess it from the outside, but the place has a big stage and dancefloor in the middle of it. Now, I am not a fan of country music. And line dancing is…ok.  Just not really my thing.  Roomie is more the hard core fan.  Despite those facts, I had fun!  I mean, it’s hard to not have fun when you’re surrounded by live music and positive energy and people dancing.  Just my opinion.

She was country and I was more rock 'n roll.

She was country and I was more rock ‘n roll.

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