Resolutions I Should Make but I Won’t


New Year's Eve

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday.

Ready to take on new adventures in 2016?

After thinking about goals for the new year, a lot of other “resolutions” started popping into my head. Things that sounded good and I should resolve to do in 2016. But I won’t.

I’ll explain.

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Ask the Girl Episode 7 – Goals for 2016

With the year nearly over, there is no shortage of goal-setting talk and new year’s resolution discussion. Some like making resolutions, some purposely avoid them. Others prefer to set goals rather than resolutions. I fall in the “set goals” category. I think it’s important for my ballroom dancing and the rest of my life to think about where I want to go because that will determine more immediate actions. So for this last Ask the Girl episode of 2015, I present to you my goals for the new year.

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