Ask the Girl Episode 7 – Goals for 2016

With the year nearly over, there is no shortage of goal-setting talk and new year’s resolution discussion. Some like making resolutions, some purposely avoid them. Others prefer to set goals rather than resolutions. I fall in the “set goals” category. I think it’s important for my ballroom dancing and the rest of my life to think about where I want to go because that will determine more immediate actions. So for this last Ask the Girl episode of 2015, I present to you my goals for the new year.

Word for 2016: Trust

I’ve made a lot of progress in dealing with my trust issues, but I still have a long way to go. Trust is going to be a focus of mine in the new year, toward others and myself.

Dance Goals:

I usually set my dance goals around competitions, but it is difficult for me to set specific comp goals when my ability to finance them is questionable. I am confident, however, that once I get to that first comp, I will be able to regain the momentum I had in 2015. So instead, I am setting a “first comp back” goal to give myself a timeframe to work in.

First choice: Emerald Ball, held at the end of April
Second choice: Desert Classic, held in July

Bonus points if I make it to the California Open in February, which Teacher really wants me to enter. I have serious doubts, but at the same time, I’m trying to stay open to the possibility. Amazing things happen when you just stay open to them!

While I work toward my first competition back, I need to focus on trust in my lessons as well. It affects my styling, my performance and even little things like how I place and hold my left arm on Teacher. I’ve acknowledged my demons, but I need to do more to move past them.

Other Goals:

Publish my second eBook by the end of March! I am already unsure if I can hit that timeframe, but it’s good to set a more specific deadline for some goals.

I have a plan to get my financial house in even better shape to help prevent future dance hiatuses. Now it’s true that there is only so much rearranging you can do to the same pile of money, but I daresay I’ve become a wizard at it! It’s always good to review your budget and make adjustments every once in awhile. I’m not an accountant but I know how to budget and I’m willing to sacrifice where necessary. This plan may end up hindering my competition goals. It will be a matter of balancing shorter term and longer term goals.

I’d like to finish by saying I’ve thoroughly enjoyed connecting with other ballroom bloggers and pursuers of dreams and passions since I started this website less than a year ago! I look forward to connecting with even more awesome people in 2016.

I wish all of my readers and fellow Ballroom Villagers a VERY happy new year! 


2 thoughts on “Ask the Girl Episode 7 – Goals for 2016

  1. marj4dancinglady7 says:

    Hello Tattoo Girlfriend, I wanted to ask you have you ever been in a practcing position where the teacher told you to keep dancing and not stop even though you were on sure of the steps coming after.And if so what did how did you follow it?


    • TheGirlWithTheTreeTattoo says:

      Yes I have! It’s definitely harder to follow when you’re just in practice hold but it can be done! I have an idea of what I do, but I want to make sure I explain it correctly so I’m going to confer with Teacher on this one. Keep an eye out for a new Ask the Girl episode!


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