Announcing a New Online Workshop Series! (For Those Who Do Feel Like Dancing)

A midweek blog post?? It must be something special. 😉

While I felt compelled to reach out to my fellow dancers who weren’t feeling much like dancing this past weekend, at the same time, I was cooking up something new to keep you moving. Only if you’re feeling up to it, of course.

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Own It

I know it’s been longer than usual since I last posted. Searching for a place to live has been stressing me out of my gourd, which has left me with some major writer’s block. Some other things have been adding to the stress level too, and with Teacher out of town last week, I didn’t have any dance lessons to provide relief. So when this inkling of an idea pushed its way to the front of my mind, I jumped on it. The block has been alerted to its presence though, so hopefully it survives long enough for me to create something worth reading. (I have this image of this dark shadow slowly creeping toward the tiny glowing creature that is my inspiration inkling.)

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