Announcing a New Online Workshop Series! (For Those Who Do Feel Like Dancing)

A midweek blog post?? It must be something special. 😉

While I felt compelled to reach out to my fellow dancers who weren’t feeling much like dancing this past weekend, at the same time, I was cooking up something new to keep you moving. Only if you’re feeling up to it, of course.

As the world began shutting down to slow the spread of the coronavirus, my brain began pondering how I could best support the dancers who have supported this blog for so long as well as the ballroom dance community as a whole. I think an important common message that’s been put out there is the only way we’re going to get through this is together.

So I decided to reach out to dance professionals near and far to collaborate on bringing their knowledge and this tribe together.

The result:

I’m excited to announce a new online workshop series brought to you by The Girl with the Tree Tattoo!

The first workshop is coming up soon – this Saturday, April 4. It will be taught by Nataliya Kravets. I’m excited about this one because Nataliya actually teaches at the studio where I train (or trained). She teaches a monthly styling workshop, which I have taken many times and loved. And now, she’s teaming up with The Girl with the Tree Tattoo to bring it online to you!

Click here for more details and to register.

As more workshops are added, they will be listed on this page with links to register for each one. We already have a second one scheduled for April! So check back frequently and let’s dance our way through this pandemic.

Happy and healthy dancing!

Are you a dance teacher interested in doing a workshop? Contact me!


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