Winter Blues (#DontGiveUp)

Got a few things bringing me down, as sometimes happens. I thought I’d put the blues to good use by sharing them with you and also sharing what I plan to accomplish anyway, in accordance with my #dontgiveup and #keepgoing mantras.

So let’s get this riff started.

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The Klutzy Ballroom Dancer (Write31Days Day 10)

I put Looney Tunes on this morning as background while I worked on today’s post.  Sometimes I really miss the old classic Saturday morning cartoons.  Looney Tunes were the best!  Yes, incredibly violent, but also brilliant!  What led me to Looney Tunes was noting the number of bruises I’m currently sporting on my legs: one on my left knee, one on my right shin, one on my left ankle, and two on my right ankle.  I’m like a slapstick character, get it?

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