Winter Blues (#DontGiveUp)

Got a few things bringing me down, as sometimes happens. I thought I’d put the blues to good use by sharing them with you and also sharing what I plan to accomplish anyway, in accordance with my #dontgiveup and #keepgoing mantras.

So let’s get this riff started.

This “real” winter weather is definitely affecting my mood. I like living in Southern California for a good reason. I don’t have to deal with this season when everything is gray, cold and/or dead. It’s not so bad when there is a nice layer of snow (unless I’m going out to shovel it like I did over the weekend), but it doesn’t stay nice for long as snowplows push it around, and it mixes with road salt and turns into an ugly, frozen, slushy mess. 

To combat the winter blues, I’m treating myself to a lot of hot tea and cocoa, holiday cookies and Christmas music. I figure I need to put on an extra layer anyway since my SoCal blood is too thin to put up with the temperatures in the teens nonsense.

As you probably guessed, I miss dancing! Yes, I’m still practicing on my own, but it just isn’t the same. I miss dancing with my partner (i.e., Teacher).

I’m making a point to break out the Zumba game after I finish this post. Sometimes some fun dance cardio is just the ticket to release some endorphins and boost my mood. Plus it will warm me up! I think I mentioned before that I’m also using this time away from the studio to focus on my writing. I have guest posts and interviews planned in 2017, not to mention working on at least two books.

I’m also struggling with that feeling/fear of being forgotten. You know the one. It creeps up on you when you’ve been away from the people you’re used to seeing daily or weekly, and so you’re not talking to them as much, if at all. This feeling is ingrained in all of us; it’s why we strive to leave some sort of legacy, so as not to be forgotten after we die. 

This one can be super easy to resolve or a challenge. The easy solution is pick up the phone and call/text someone. I already texted Teacher to say hi and get some feedback on the practice clip I posted on Instagram/Facebook. If the feeling is more lingering, a phone call or text may only be a temporary solution. I actually wrote a whole separate article on ballroom FOMO (fear of missing out) that will hopefully be coming out soon! So stay tuned.

For anyone dealing with winter or other blues, I’ll tell you that the key for me is productive distraction. I’m not talking about sitting on the couch and binge watching holiday movies or an entire television series (although if you’re blue because you’re mentally exhausted, you’re allowed to take some time to yourself and do nothing). Do something creative or something active (like dancing, ha!). Write, paint, bake, clean the house (or just your room), listen to music that makes you tap your foot, knit, exercise…whatever actively engages your mind and/or your body. At the end of the day, even if you’re still feeling down, you can tell yourself that you at least still accomplished something, which should hopefully help lift your mood.

And of course, don’t give up. I know I’m not alone, which means you’re not alone either.

I’m off to Zumba!  Happy dancing and think warm, sunny thoughts!


One thought on “Winter Blues (#DontGiveUp)

  1. Full Tilt Diva says:

    Never fear–whenever I need a boost, I think iof my ballroom blog friends, and believe me when I say I think of you often!! I also use candles and incense and practicing school figures to get myself out of the SAD cycle. The school figures get me Mad and the other stuff calms me down 🙀😂

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