Wanted: Ballroom Dancers, Only the Rich Need Apply (A Cynical Look at the Sport I Love)

I’m feeling quite jaded this morning and making comparisons that I shouldn’t. So I was reminded of this post I wrote last year. One thing I can say is I am less convinced today that I’ll never be as good as other students with more money. I think I just have to fight for it more.


4 thoughts on “Wanted: Ballroom Dancers, Only the Rich Need Apply (A Cynical Look at the Sport I Love)

  1. The Thespian says:

    Have you ever thought about dancing amateur? It works for me. My friend and I are both able to go and work on things with an instructor once a week, and then we can get together (for free) during the times in between lessons to practice. Sure, I know it is pretty easy for me as a male who dances to go up to a girl at the studio and say “Wut up?” (or the more formal “Wat up?” depending on the lady) and she could want to dance with me for at least a while because of how few men there are, but I believe in my gut that I can’t be the only person that would work for.

    Food for thought. 🙂


  2. The Thespian says:

    We could practice together sometime. Unfortunately, no matter how much I like doing West Coast Swing, it’s a long drive from over here on the east coast to do that very frequently before a competition. Otherwise I totally would do that with you. Then we could have cookies when we were done.


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