Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance – Coming Soon to an Online Bookstore Near You!

Well, I did it! I submitted my new eBook for publishing last night! If you didn’t see it in social media, this was my face as I hit the submit button:


This book is technically my second one, with How to Cope with Loss, Ballroom Style being the first. But that one is just a simple PDF download, only available on my website. This book on the other hand is being distributed to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, etc. for sales!

I’m excited and terrified. I always wanted to be a published author. I made it my goal at the beginning of the year to finish this book by the end of March. And I did! Is it weird that it feels so weird to succeed? I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about all the mistakes that were possibly missed in the text. Too late now!

I think I’m still processing all this and still waiting for something to go wrong. In any case, it will still be a couple weeks before the book will be available for sale. I’m working with BookBaby, and they need time to convert my manuscript to a eReader format (i.e., Kindle, Nook, etc.). I’ll keep you posted!


The book is now available! Click below to get your copy.


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