Countdown to Desert Classic: Less Than 36 Hours – Wait, What!?

Just a quick update from me, as I need to get to bed. I compete at Desert Classic on Thursday, but I have to work tomorrow and that means a 5am wake-up call! I still wanted to drop in and say hello.

The big question I assume you have is “am I ready?”

Short answer: I guess?

At this point, I don’t think it matters if I’m ready or not. I dance in less than 36 hours! My first heat is scheduled for 10:10am on Thursday. I do have one more lesson with Teacher tomorrow during my lunch hour to do some last-minute practice rounds. I guess that will tell me more definitively how ready I am.

The other question you probably have is “am I excited?!”

Not really. I can explain.

The whole moving process has had my stress level cranked up to 11 for a month or longer. First, it was the wondering where the heck I was going to live. Then after I found a place, it was getting everything packed and moved, mostly by myself and my dad, getting the old place cleaned up, and trying to live in the new place while simultaneously unpacking everything I had packed. I didn’t take any time off of work since I was using my PTO for the comp. Oh yeah, there’s that dance competition I entered.

I would be getting really down on myself for not practicing or better preparing for the comp, but I haven’t had the time or energy to think about it that much. My only preparation time has really been my twice-a-week lessons with Teacher. And honestly, over the weekend I felt so tired, anxious and depressed that the biggest feeling I could conjure related to the comp was I just wanted to get it over with. I wanted to hide in a dark corner and sleep more than anything else.

I have hope that once I actually get there, I will feel better and be able to get excited and happy about getting to compete again. The logistics for getting there have been a nightmare in themselves. There were issues with receiving my entries, and there were so many plan changes that I ended up with three separate hotel reservations for the three nights I’m staying and a fourth that I made and then cancelled. Everyone told me that this comp is a lot of fun. All I can say is it better be because to date, it’s caused me nothing but stress!

I leave for the comp after work tomorrow. Hopefully, my attitude makes a 180 once I arrive. I’ll keep you guys posted as usual on my social media accounts. If you want to, you can also watch the comp live online. The link is on Desert Classic’s website.

If you’re going to be at Desert, please keep an eye out for my tattoo and stop by and say hi. That would definitely boost my mood!

Happy dancing! (That’s for you AND me.)


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