Countdown to The Royal Ball: 12 Hours!

Happy Friday all! It’s still light outside, but after I finish this post, I’m getting ready for bed. I’m waking up at 3am tomorrow to get ready for the Royal Ball! That probably sounds crazy to you, but originally, I was planning on a 2am wakeup call.

The competition starts at 7am and I didn’t know how close to that time I would be dancing, so to play it super safe, I scheduled my makeup appointment for 5:15am. I like being completely ready to go at least an hour before my first dance. It’s about an hour drive to the comp, so I wanted to give myself a good hour and a half to get there. Before I leave, I need to do my hair, eat breakfast, walk the dogs, etc. so when I finished counting backwards, the alarm was being set for 2.

Heat lists show I’m not dancing until about 8am though, so my makeup appointment was shifted to 630am. Which means I get to sleep in an extra hour! How great is that?

I decided I wanted to bring everyone along to my first competition of the year, so even if you’re not local to the area, you can tune into The Girl with the Tree Tattoo Facebook page where I’ll be livestreaming throughout the morning! To make sure you don’t miss anything, check that your notifications for the page are turned on and your “in your news feed” is set to “see first.”


I’m actually feeling pretty good right now. I had a lunch-hour lesson with Teacher, where we did a few rounds and discussed what my one or two focuses (or foci) would be. My dancing isn’t perfect of course, but with a few minor exceptions, I felt strong and well-balanced through all of the dances.

Tune in to see how I’m feeling tomorrow morning!


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