Dance Journals Now Available on Amazon

A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey and The Choreography Journal are now available on the largest online marketplace in the world. Yay!

It’s official. The Girl with the Tree Tattoo now has FIVE publications on Amazon! I’m feeling legit.

Being designed by a dancer (me!), these journals are specifically designed to help you take ownership of your dance journey and gain more clarity, confidence and joy in your dancing.

How do they do that? First, studies have shown that the mere act of writing something down helps solidify it in your brain. You retain more of the ideas and concepts that you physically write on paper.

Second, these journals provide guidance and structure without being rigid. I’m constantly encouraging you to take ownership of your dance journey because it’s yours! It would be weird and a bit of an asshole move to then present you with journals that were designed to record notes in one particular way, force you to complete prompts or end up with blank pages, or restrict you to a certain timeframe.

A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey prompts you but if you want to just write freely, you can write right over them. Setting goals and commitments to yourself are important to your journey, so you will be presented with pages specifically for setting these types of intentions. But you decide what type of goals you set.

The Choreography Journal provides structural space to map out your routines in multiple ways, but no matter which method works best for you, everyone will have room to write up to 10 dances. You don’t lose out just because you see your dances on paper differently.

So go check them out, and please help me spread the word by sharing the links with your dance friends. Happy dancing!


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