Moving Sale! And Giant Forest Trolls

Happy 4th of July everyone! And to my fellow fur parents and their fur babies, hang in there. It’s almost over.

People around us have been shooting off fireworks all week, so it’s been really rough for my boys. Yesterday evening, we drove up and down the coast for about three hours just so they wouldn’t be at home, panicked and waiting for the next bomb to drop. We’ll be doing the same tonight.

In more exciting and happier news, we hit the road for Maine in just a week! I’m working to consolidate my belongings so there won’t be any problems fitting them into my new-to-me station wagon. Aligned with that goal, I want to announce a special Moving Sale at! Help me clear out some inventory before I hit the road AND set yourself up for dancing success with free shipping on everything through July 9.

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It’s exciting that the ballroom dance world is basically in full swing again. The competition calendar is full, dancers are working hard to show up at their best, and everyone is grateful to be back. I spent my very last day at the studio telling all of my fellow students that they need to compete back East. It’s still so strange to feel my path diverging away from the familiar, with its weekly lessons, rounds with Teacher, and chats with dance friends about how we’re feeling about the next comp. Other students at the studio are still on that path. I’ll get back to something akin to it eventually, but for now, I turn toward the unknown.

If there was ever a smidgen of doubt in my mind that Maine was the right place for me, a recent discovery wiped it away completely. I’ve started following some Maine-related hashtags on Instagram to get a head start on learning about places, people and happenings around my new home. Something amazing popped into my feed:

There are giant forest trolls a mere hour away from my house in Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These unbelievably awesome figures are the work of recycled-materials artist Thomas Dambo and I’m already planning on saving money over the next 10 years so I can commission him to build one in the forest on my property.

If you’re totally lost as to the reason for my excessive use of exclamation points, some fun facts about me:

I’m obsessed with the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings stories. Relating to and channeling Middle Earth’s cast of characters has helped me overcome challenges and obstacles throughout my life. I’ve read the books I don’t know how many times. I have Hobbit or LOTR movie marathons on the regular (the extended versions). When we first started dancing together, Teacher and I bonded over our shared love of Middle Earth. My nickname was Smeagol when I first started dancing with him because my frame was so bad. One of my early dance goals was to take my frame from Smeagol to Galadriel!

I also grew up in the woods, and they’ve always been a magical place for me. Whether it’s Lothlorien, the Hundred Acre Wood, Sherwood Forest, or Narnia, the woods are full of magic, fun, and adventure. They’re also a place of peace and healing. Trees are life!

So when I learned that there were these five giant forest trolls (caring for the forest like the Ents!) dwelling in the woods a reasonable drive away from where I’m moving to, I flipped out — in a good way.

This move has been an adventure and quest in itself. I keep hitting speedbumps and obstacles, but I remember how Frodo and Sam kept going, so I pivot and keep going myself because I know where I’m meant to go. When I look at things going wrong as just part of the adventure, they’re a lot easier to move past.

As you hit roadblocks on your dance journey, remember it’s all a part of the grand adventure! If everything went smoothly, then it wouldn’t be an adventure and it certainly wouldn’t be as fun.

Don’t forget to take advantage of free shipping this week at Practice Ballroom Dance! You don’t have to travel your dance journey alone; there are some books and journals that would love to be a part of your fellowship.

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