A Wintry Waltz

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While everyone else took their holiday vacations around Christmas and New Year’s, I decided to do my work while the (virtual) office was quiet and take the first week of January off. I must say, it’s been a great week! I got to meet a local dance studio owner while delivering an order of Choreography Journals, I worked on next week’s email challenge, and I got to go to Zumba twice. I also had plenty of time to rest and recharge. I wish every week could feel as balanced!

The first week of the new year also brought plenty of wintry weather to my little corner of the world, including single digit temperatures and multiple inches of snow. Mild compared to other parts of the country – I know some of my dance friends experienced multiple feet of snow out West. Then there’s the Midwest where the windchill factor brought the temperatures in some areas down to double digits below zero.

I forgot how fascinated you become with the weather forecast when you live in an area that experiences more than just sunny and 70 degrees. Currently, as I write this, it’s mid 30s, windy, and raining, turning the 5-6 inches of snow we received on Friday into slush. Temperatures are supposed to drop back into the single digits over the next couple days, which means the slush will turn into ice. And yes, I still love it here. 🙂

What the heck does this have to do with dance?

Now that I live in an area with weather other than sunny and 70, it becomes a necessary consideration when scheduling dance classes. Luckily, my Zumba classes came on either side of Friday’s snowstorm, but I ended up cancelling a private ballet lesson. To make up for it, I decided to have some fun with one of next week’s prompts and go waltz in the snow! Don’t worry, if you signed up for the challenge, you won’t have to dance in the snow. Unless you want to. 😉

I’m honestly surprised at my response to the winter weather because it hasn’t been that bad! I’ve never liked the cold and seasonal affective disorder can hit me hard in the winter months. Living here has been a different experience. Yes, it’s cold and I’m not thrilled about that, but it just hasn’t bothered me as much as I would have predicted. The shorter days haven’t been as hard to deal with as I would have expected either. I think my sunrise clock* and the bright color I chose for my office (where I spend most of my time, 5 days a week) have made a big difference. Plus, on the days when it’s 6 or 12 degrees out, it’s usually sunny! The dogs make sure I also get plenty of fresh air, regardless of the weather.

This past week also featured the Country Western Dance World Championships. You may recall I was supposed to be reporting on them for FloDance, but they ended up not covering the event, so they didn’t need my writing services unfortunately. I was still able to catch some of the livestream put up by another media company. Of course, watching everyone compete made me think about the direction my own dance journey is heading and when it will curve back toward ballroom dance and the competition floor. It’s still TBD.

In the meantime, I’m enjoying Zumba, ballet, and writing, as well as the occasional Waltz in the snow.

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