New on Stance on Dance – A Dancer in the Woods

You may recall my sharing not too long ago that I had contributed an article to Stance on Dance’s first print publication. In it, I reflected on my move from Southern California to Midcoast Maine and the impact it has had on my dance journey.

If you didn’t get a copy of the printed version, the article is now available on Stance on Dance’s website! Enjoy. 🙂


2 thoughts on “New on Stance on Dance – A Dancer in the Woods

  1. EvelynKrieger says:

    I really liked your essay. As a former classically trained ballet dancer turned instructor, I know practice solo in my mini home studio. I sometimes take class online and will consider returning to in person soon. I’ve expanded my repertoire to jazz, Irish Step, and lyrical because ballet can be so exacting making one feel (especially in midlife) less than. I’d love to learn ballroom dancing but do not have a partner. I also express my creativity through writing which is a big part of my life’s work. I don’t have the time or drive to be in the studio everyday for class. Still, I remain a dancer and my instrument is always with me.

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