My Last Performance

For awhile at least!

The Dancers United for Saving Lives event was a success!  There was a LOT of last minute and last second changes and cancellations to the performance line-up, and the organizer worked her butt off to keep the show running smoothly.

In the end, it was a successful event and I think everyone that came had a great time. And my waltz? Well, that’s what I really want to write about.

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Dancers United for Saving Lives Event

I have a new answer for “what’s next for you”!

I’m performing a waltz demonstration with Teacher at an event this evening! Latin club dancers and ballroom dancers are coming together to dance and support two charities: the Pet Adoption Center of Orange County and the CBZ Foundation. If you’re in the area, you should check it out:

The event includes workshops, social dancing and performances. Originally, a couple months ago, Teacher and I were talking about doing a choreographed showcase dance. But then Life happened, and I didn’t have the money to pay for a new choreographed number. One more performance passing me by.

Then Teacher mentioned last week that he was thinking about asking the organizer if she wanted/needed additional numbers for the show. He thought we could just dance our waltz routine that we use for competition. It sounded great to me! But then I didn’t hear anything more all week. So I asked about it on Wednesday, and we confirmed that yes, the organizer would love to have us do a waltz demonstration!

It’s not going to be anything flashy or fancy. I’m not even wearing a costume, just my practice skirt. Which is actually kind of nice. We’re just going to dance.

I’m a little nervous, of course, but mostly I’m just happy to have the chance to perform with Teacher. Who knows how long it will be before I’ll have another chance?

Stay tuned to hear how it goes!



Travels of the Girl with the Tree Tattoo

This week I was lucky to be welcomed into not one, but two online homes of other dancers!

Ballroom Bombshell honored me with a “spotlight” post and even dubbed me her ballroom “big sister!” I cannot wait to read how her first competition goes in December!

Stance on Dance allowed me to share my experiences in learning ballroom with her wider dance audience. I love the opportunity to share ballroom with the broader dance world.

I don’t think it comes as a surprise that I love connecting with other dancers/writers! Sometimes that means I travel away from my “home” blog for the chance of reaching a different group of people.

I want to show my gratitude for others welcoming me into their “homes” by opening up my own! If you have a story about your passion that you would like to share here, please let me know!

The Dance For Life Ball – Another Dance Adventure!

This weekend included another dance adventure for Roomie and me! We volunteered at the Dance for Life Ball, put on by the CBZ Foundation.  The CBZ Foundation is “a not-for-profit organization formed with the vision of helping youth dancers and those with disabilities pursue their education and competitive Dancesport goals.” It was formed in honor of Connor Bishop Zion, who was a latin and ballroom competitive dancer until he passed away at the young age of 21.

The Dance for Life Ball was a charity event for the Foundation, and I believe it was the first they had hosted. For 150 tax-deductible dollars, you got dinner, dancing, performances, and special appearances by ballroom celebrities. AND you got to be greeted by myself and Roomie since we were the ones checking people in and handing out programs. Pretty awesome, right? I’ll let the poster do the name dropping for me.

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I Line Danced My Heel Off. Literally!

In honor of National Dance Day, a quick post about another dance adventure Roomie and I went on last weekend! This time, it was a country music festival held at a restaurant/bar. You wouldn’t guess it from the outside, but the place has a big stage and dancefloor in the middle of it. Now, I am not a fan of country music. And line dancing is…ok.  Just not really my thing.  Roomie is more the hard core fan.  Despite those facts, I had fun!  I mean, it’s hard to not have fun when you’re surrounded by live music and positive energy and people dancing.  Just my opinion.

She was country and I was more rock 'n roll.

She was country and I was more rock ‘n roll.

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Dance Adventure!

The Thespian would be proud! I went on a dance adventure this weekend! My roommate and I ventured north into Los Angeles County for an event put on by Ballroom by the Bay. The event was held in “the Valley” and so was dubbed the Valley Edition of Ballroom by the Bay. Cute. Roomie’s friend was teaching the tango class that started the party, which is how we found out about it.


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