I’ve Got Rhythm

I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before: along with lessons with Teacher, I also take private lessons once a week with Teacher’s friend in exchange for working at a bunch of social dances he ran last year. He is all about social ballroom dancing, so we work on American rhythm dances like rumba, cha cha and east coast swing, plus salsa, samba and occasionally bolero, all with that social focus. There are no specific routines or discussion of technique, it’s all about following and musicality.

Quite different from my lessons with Teacher.

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The Blank Page – Friend or Foe?

Today is more about writing than ballroom. I am working on my second eBook (yay!) and a lot of the content is based on what I’ve already written. So I copied a bunch of blog posts into a Word document to use as the foundation for this new project. I proceeded to stare at my screen for 15 minutes without a clue of how to proceed. I started to feel like I should just delete everything and start from scratch! But there was good information from my original posts, why waste time rewriting it?
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Allow Me to Introduce Myself (Write31Days Day 1)

Happy October! It’s Day 1 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge!  For the next 31 days, I’ve committed to posting something every day about ballroom dance.  Since my ballroom dance journey is the focus of this blog, my topic choice is obvious.  My challenge to myself is to write something new every day.  I don’t want to just rehash older posts about ballroom basics.  I respect and appreciate my longer-term readers too much to produce nothing but reruns for a month.  But I don’t want newer readers to feel lost, like they came into the middle of a movie.  So my plan is to revisit some old topics with a new or different perspective, as well as break out some new ones. I will also include links to my previous posts to help any new readers get up to speed.  For today, I thought I would just introduce myself to any new readers out there.
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Partnering in Ballroom and a Free eBook!

I have two fun and exciting announcements!


An article of mine on partnering in ballroom was just published on danceadvantage.net!  You can read it here: http://www.danceadvantage.net/partnering-in-ballroom/


I have published my first eBook!  And I’m offering it for FREE!  It’s a compilation of my How to Cope with Loss series. I wanted to make it available to anyone who might need or want it, without requiring a search through old blog posts.  Go to the Other Resources page and click on the image to download it.

In other news, just a few more days until the 31 Day Writing Challenge!  I made a list of topic ideas, but I only got up to 28.  Hopefully inspiration will strike on those three remaining days.  I’m curious to see if making myself write every single day for a month will cause me to burn out on blogging or reach a whole new level of creative flow. We’ll see!  I’m going to do my very best to bring you quality posts each day in October, so hopefully you don’t burn out on my blog either!