Dancing with a Headache

I’m one of those lucky people who gets frequent headaches. All sorts too!  Tension headaches, caffeine headaches, not-enough-sleep headaches, weather headaches, and even those extra special migraines. Thankfully, I don’t think they are considered “chronic” as in 15+ days per month, but they show up often enough that I buy my Excedrin at Costco (one of those bulk warehouse places for those unfamiliar).
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Why You Should Try Social Ballroom

At the same time my competition money was being rerouted to pay other expenses, new opportunities appeared for me to get more involved in social dancing. I’ve mentioned the new Sunday socials, hosted by Teacher’s friend. I’ve also started taking private lessons with Teacher’s friend to work on my social dancing and he plans to take his team out to other studios and dance venues to patronize those establishments as well as spread the word about his events. I have a lot of social dancing and potential dance adventures in my future!

If you haven’t added ballroom dance to your social calendar, here’s why you should:

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When Taking Ballroom, Side Effects May Include…

Ballroom dancing is a drug. And like any good addictive drug, it gives you an amazing high for little cost. At first. But soon you find yourself needing more and spending more to maintain that high. And as with other drugs, ballroom dancing comes with side effects.

I’ve been an addict for a little over two years now and have no intention of giving it up! I have encountered some interesting side effects. Some were expected, like benefits to my health, but others came as a surprise.   Continue reading