Why You Should Try Social Ballroom

At the same time my competition money was being rerouted to pay other expenses, new opportunities appeared for me to get more involved in social dancing. I’ve mentioned the new Sunday socials, hosted by Teacher’s friend. I’ve also started taking private lessons with Teacher’s friend to work on my social dancing and he plans to take his team out to other studios and dance venues to patronize those establishments as well as spread the word about his events. I have a lot of social dancing and potential dance adventures in my future!

If you haven’t added ballroom dance to your social calendar, here’s why you should:

1) It’s fun!

Do I really need to expand on this argument?

2) It’s a great physical workout.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I dropped two jean sizes in a matter of months thanks to ballroom. And that was before I started training for competition. Just group classes, practice parties, and a few private lessons, and I had to go shopping for new clothes!

Dancing is a great full-body workout that doesn’t feel like a workout. You will lose weight, increase your heart health, improve your flexibility, increase balance, and strengthen muscles, just to name a few benefits!

3) You’ll meet new people. 

Even if you’re more introverted like me, a social dance is a great place to meet new people and even make some new friends. You don’t have to worry about making small talk while you dance, and since everyone is there for the same reason, you’ll automatically have something to talk about in between dances – the dancing!

4) It’s cheap.

Cover for social dances usually ranges from $5 to $15. You’ll find that the cost corresponds to the duration of the party. Short practice parties will be $5. Longer parties will be $10 or $15. Refreshments are always provided, so if you play your cards right, you can get dinner and dancing!

5) Dancing is fantastic for stress relief and boosting your mood.

There are plenty of studies that show physical activity, listening to music, and positive social interactions are just a few of the things that can help you reduce stress. Dancing incorporates all three! Studies have also shown, and I know from personal experience, that dancing helps relieve symptoms of depression and is an effective mood booster.

6) It’s a great mental workout! 

Dancing has been shown to improve memory and even reduce the risk of dementia. Ballroom dancing, with its step patterns, is a great memory and coordination exercise. The combination of physical movement and mental engagement makes dance a very effective therapy.

7) It’s not hard.

No, really! Anyone can learn a few basic steps to be able to social dance. And I guarantee you that you will meet someone at your next social dance who will be more than happy to show you those steps plus a few more!

See you at the next social!

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