Journey to Splits

I know July is tomorrow, and not in a couple days, but don’t forget, this was first published on Patreon yesterday! Become a patron today and get to read these articles before anyone else!

In a couple days, we’ll be into another month and halfway through the year. Yikes! I never seem to get over how quickly time flies, while simultaneously some work weeks just drag like they’re rolling through molasses. Like with June, the arrival of July means rent is due, credit card bills are coming due, and I am still short on group class cash. Bummer. June was a “challenging” month as far as battles with demons go. It didn’t all have to do with group classes or lack there of, but not having that distraction didn’t help. Even though I still went to the studio a day or two a week for class or a private lesson, as the end of June got closer, I really started to miss dancing! It’s all for Florida and Ohio, I keep telling myself.

So for July, I’ve decided to make a new goal to keep myself somewhat occupied. For years, I’ve followed Cassey Ho and Blogilates. I used to do her free online pilates videos at home for exercise. For more than a few reasons, I haven’t kept up with the workouts, but her genuine enthusiasm, positive attitude, and awesome energy kept me at least reading her blog posts and following her on Instagram. Last month, she started the Stretch Project. She posted a chart with a stretch to do each day. People posted pictures of themselves doing the daily stretch on Instagram and she picked “winners” to reward. I thought about joining in but couldn’t get myself fully motivated. Now she’s announced a new challenge/project for July: Journey to Splits.


Ok, this project is one I need to get in on. I told myself I would stretch more to increase my flexibility for dance. I give myself a D- on accomplishing that goal so far. The basic goal of increased flexibility isn’t quite enough to motivate me apparently. But add to that the possibility of being able to do a split like those “real” dancers I envy so much? That might do it. And having a guide like the chart Cassey created is awesome; it makes the process so much easier. And if it’s easier, then I’m more likely to stick with it!

So if you’re following me on Instagram, keep an eye out! I’m committing myself to this project and so I’ll be posting daily pictures of me doing the daily stretch beginning July 1. Or at least attempting to do the daily stretch!


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