Migraine, Inspiration and DWTS

I should be sleeping right now; I’m going to regret staying up this late when my alarm goes off in about 6 hours. But I had to share the transitions I went through today.

I woke up with a migraine. Perfect way to start a Monday! I took an extra couple hours in the morning to nurse it to a point where I could function and get to work. The work day was fine, but even as the pain dulled, my energy waned. I was tapped out by the end of the day. I originally planned on going to the studio to practice. But the fact that I’m never sure if someone is going to be there for the studio to be open was enough to convince my tired mind that I could just review my videos and practice a little at home. There was always tomorrow.

I actually did practice a little waltz in the kitchen. I couldn’t get through too much because for some reason, it really excited my dogs! They were running around and the more jumpy one was jumping all over me with the biggest smile on his face. I guess they thought I was doing pretty well! Or maybe they wanted in on the waltzing.

After that, I started reading/browsing blogs. I’ve taken to searching “dance” and “ballroom” tags on WordPress after I’ve caught up on the Ballroom Village’s latest posts. As I have said once or twice before, I love connecting with other people who are passionate about something, and especially if that something is dance. I came across this post today as a result of my browsing and connected with this girl a week or so ago. It’s amazing to continue to find new people who have been touched by dance, specifically ballroom.

Later on in the night, Breast Cancer Ballroom Dancer posted an article titled “Why I push so hard.” What can I say? Being able to share in her journey, even as just a reader of her blog, has been a blessing. She is so inspirational, and not just because she is battling cancer. She just works so hard and maintains an incredible level of positivity and determination! I read about how often and how long she practices and I think “damn, I’m slacking! And why the heck am I complaining that I’m tired!”

Tonight was also the premiere of Dancing With the Stars. The last season was the first one I had ever watched (I had no television before I moved in with Roomie!), and I was looking forward to this one. I admit I turn into a bit of a ballroom snob watching (and critiquing) the dancing. But I find the whole thing is entertaining to watch, from the celebrities dancing to the judges trying to come up with something clever to say along with their critiques. And between Paula Deen and Gary Busey, I’m really looking forward to a lot of unexpected, unscripted moments.

So the day started off really lousy, but ended with inspiration and dancing. That’s an ok Monday! Watching DWTS also made me wish I was out there myself! My anxiety seems to have taken a vacation, so all I’m feeling is eager to get back onto that competition floor with all the bling and the crazy hair and makeup and brightly colored costumes. No spray tan for me though. *wink*

I just want to dance!

2015 Emerald Ball DSC_4705

But first I better go to bed.


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