Waltz Your Way Through Monday (Write31Days Day 12)

I’ve been inspired by Breast Cancer Ballroom Dancer and her keyword posts (jive was her latest).  Throughout the rest of the challenge, I thought I would share what goes through my head when I think of each of the dances I compete in: waltz, tango, foxtrot, and Viennese waltz.

Today’s dance is waltz.

Waltz music, with its simple 1-2-3 count, can be very uplifting or very sad.  I tend to like the darker waltzes.  It is supposed to be a romantic dance, as if you are in love with your partner.  But it always had a nostalgic feel to me, like I’m remembering a past love while I’m dancing.  When I dance a waltz, I feel like my body is with my partner but my mind is being taken somewhere else by the music.  I have to remind myself to stay present so I can connect with my partner and the audience though!

Waltz is like dancing on clouds with its sometimes-gentle, sometimes-dramatic rise and fall.  You get a lovely feeling of floating or flying, especially when you start dancing at the silver level.  The main difference between the bronze and silver levels in waltz is on the 3-count.  In bronze, you close your feet, and in silver, you pass your feet.  So your movement is more continuous and flowing in silver.

Bronze waltz

Silver waltz

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