Let the Countdown Begin – 3 Weeks Until California Open

All it took was some luck, hard work and financial wizardry, and I’m back on the competition dancefloor in three weeks! California Open, here I come.

Cue the anxiety attacks! (She said only half jokingly.)


“All it took…” It makes it sound so simple! It wasn’t. But like I’ve said, amazing things can happen when you stay open to the possibilities. Even when I was telling Teacher and everyone else that there was no way I would be able to afford a comp this soon, and when I was ready to give up on trying to make it happen anyway, a small spark of hope refused to be snuffed out. When I would shake my head and sigh, thinking that maybe I’m just not meant to do this, it would twinkle stubbornly.

But maybe I am meant to do this! The universe just isn’t making it easy for me.

So many variables had to come together in the right way, and even though I say it took some luck, I feel like I should give myself more credit. I notice I tend to give a lot more credit to “luck” than I think it deserves. Anyone else?

You work hard over a long period of time and finally it pays off. But when the time span between the present reward and past work is long, it’s easier to ignore the connection between the two and downplay the reward as just luck.

I was “lucky” to get an unexpected bonus from my day job, but it was because I had worked my butt off all year.

I am “lucky” that the timing of the bonus allows me to put it toward a comp. But it is also my careful, bordering on obsessive, tracking and handling of my finances that allows me to put any unexpected extra money toward my dancing.

I am also lucky/blessed that Teacher and his partner who does my hair and makeup are flexible with how and when I pay them. But I have been told that it is because of my dedication and hard work that makes them more than willing to work with me. It doesn’t always happen in this world, but sometimes your efforts do get recognized!

So after ten months, barring any unforeseen disasters (knock on wood!), my tree tattoo and I will be reentering the competitive ballroom scene. Don’t blink if you come to watch us though! I can only afford two rounds of single dances plus the scholarship round. Which means my total time on the floor will be about 12 minutes. Anything less and I probably would not bother because it wouldn’t be worth paying Teacher and for my hair and makeup. I prefer to dance at least one additional round of singles.

But I’m doing it! I’m officially entering the silver level for the first time, so look out for future posts on how I’m handling the anxiety of that!


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