Countdown to Millennium: 4 Days – Ready or Not!

I’ll confess, I always feel a small palpitation in my chest when I see heat lists have been posted. It’s like a sign that this is really happening! It’s the anticipation of entering the ballroom in all its splendor and walking out on the floor covered in rhinestones and hair spray, waiting to hear “And music, please.”

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Now We’re Talking!

As promised, I’m hopping back onto the blog to share how my dance lesson went. But first, I would just like to announce that I completed Day 4 of the Blogilates beginner’s calendar! I did it after I came home from my lesson too. I was hungry and craving a glass of red wine. Dogs needed to be taken care of first, of course. But then instead of parking my butt on the couch with a nice merlot, I did the scheduled cardio warmup and an inner thighs workout! And yes, if you’re checking out the calendar and saying “ok, but what about the 10 burpees you were supposed to do when you woke up this morning?”  I did those today too! Gold star for me!

Now for my dance lesson.

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