On Not Giving Up

I swear, every time I start to feel secure in my plans, Life shouts “plot twist!” and I’m back to square one. But that’s what Life does, isn’t it?

My next competition goal is Emerald Ball at the end of April. I thought I had everything figured out, as far as how I was going to fund it. I was even going to be able to do my normal number of entries. Silly me.

Once again, my life outside of ballroom is demanding more of my attention. The funds for Emerald may need to be redirected. Where have I heard this before?

Nothing is for certain yet (when is it ever?). I’m doing my best to be patient while I wait to find out how much Life’s plot twist is going to cost me.

I take it back – one thing is for certain.

I’m not giving up.

I’m frustrated, exasperated and tired of these challenges and plot twists at every. single. turn. But I have always figured out a way to get where I want to go. So why shouldn’t I be able to figure it out this time?

So my official response to Life – bring it. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not going to stop pursuing my dreams.
(Cue dramatic/uplifting music.)

If you and I were an underdog sports team, we would totally win the championship game. But since we’re not, I want everyone reading this to just kick some butt in whatever you’re doing this weekend!

Happy Friday!


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