Slay All Day with Enthusiasm

Hello dancers!

I have been PRODUCTIVE the last two days and it’s feeling really good. First, I had a double lesson (meaning 1.5 hours instead of 45 minutes) on Friday after work. It wasn’t extra; Teacher had asked if we could reschedule our usual Wednesday lesson. I like having a double lesson once in awhile because sometimes 45 minutes is just not enough time. You start getting deep into something and just as you feel you’re making some real progress, time’s up!

We spent the whole time working on steps in closed position. The NDCA passed some rule changes recently about the closed bronze and silver levels. For closed silver, which is what I compete in currently, we have to start in closed position and dance the first 4 bars that way. Then we need to dance 8 additional bars in closed through the first minute. We usually only get a minute to dance at competitions anyway, so basically it’s 8 additional bars in closed through the rest of our routine.

Most of our routines start in closed and go for 4 bars before changing to an open or shadow position, so we don’t have to modify much of the choreography. There was a lot of ruckus on Facebook about the rule changes, but Teacher had no beef with them. And my ego got a boost because he stated matter-of-factly that my closed position was very strong, so we had nothing to worry about.

Still, we focused on closed position, mainly on maintaining the connection between us. I still get a kick out of how the tiniest adjustment can make such a big difference. Because they’re so tiny, the adjustments can be difficult to feel. It makes it that much more exciting when I realize I’m in tune enough with my body now that I can feel them!

The other topic we briefly covered during the lesson was future plans, in general and specifically for 2018. Competition goals always have an asterisk next to them for “if funds allow,” but we still set them so we know what we’re (theoretically) working toward. I told Teacher we should sit down and chat this coming week because first, I had a 6-HOUR brand strategy session to attend on Saturday!

That’s right. 6 hours. I admit I was a little like “whaaa?” when I first heard how long it would be. I wasn’t going anywhere for it either; it was all online with people from all over the world. The time went by quickly though because we did so much work! The intention was to create a clear strategy for the first quarter of the year. I had my goal, and you could probably guess it (hint hint), but I hadn’t taken the time yet to sit down and actually map out everything that needed to get done and when I wanted to do it by. It starts feeling overwhelming and so it’s easier for me to just focus on one chapter at a time. Sounds like when I first started making my solo practice a priority, but hadn’t worked out a clear structure yet so after a half hour, I stood there like “uhh, now what?”

Well now I know “now what?” for both my solo practice and the Girl with the Tree Tattoo!

I almost forgot. The other thing I did on Friday was start my taxes. It may not sound exciting to you, but I have a thing for spreadsheets and crunching numbers (a big reason I’ve been able to dance and compete in pro-am for this long). Great news! I still need a few documents to finish, but it looks like I’ll be getting a nice refund which means the competition coffer will be getting some fresh cash.

Confession: part of me is wondering what’s going to go wrong. I was feeling good around this time last year and it made me very suspicious. Actually, I don’t feel as suspicious this year. I’ve worked hard, set clear intentions, invested in myself and my goals, worked hard some more…why shouldn’t I be feeling good?

I know this year isn’t going to be a waltz in the park and we’re only two weeks in, but I’m feeling motivated and capable of acting on that motivation! Maybe I should tone it down a little. All this enthusiasm is making the jaded side of me roll its eyes.

Just one more enthusiastic announcement and then I’ll give my jaded eyes a rest. As part of my first quarter goal, I’m going to be sending out an email to my Solo Practice peeps next weekend with a very special request/offer. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the full Solo Practice Guide, I think you’ll be excited to read it. If you haven’t added your email to the list and gotten your free solo practice worksheet, there’s still time! Anyone who signs up by next Saturday (January 20) will be privy to this very special, totally awesome offer.

Ok, I’m going to take this enthusiastic energy and do some dance cardio because I’ve been sitting in front of a computer all day and my body needs to move!

Happy dancing!


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