Updates That Aren’t House Projects

While The Girl may not be dancing much ballroom these days, there are happenings outside of house projects that I wanted to share.

First, a short PSA for any dancers struggling to see the results they want at an audition or competition:

Your worth as a dancer or a person for that matter is NOT determined by whether your dancing matched what was being looked for at a particular competition or audition. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

After watching the choreography episode of this season’s So You Think You Can Dance, I felt compelled to put that sentiment out there because practically every dancer who didn’t make the cut came off the stage saying they thought they gave it their all but they just weren’t good enough. It’s disappointing to devastating when you don’t reach your dance goal, but when your dance goal’s success is dependent on another’s validation or approval, you cannot attach your worth to that goal because others do not determine your worth. You ARE good enough, more than good enough! That remains true even if your dancing on a particular day did not match what a particular judge was looking for.

So one more time for those in the back:

Your worth as a dancer or a person for that matter is NOT determined by whether your dancing matched what was being looked for at a particular competition or audition. YOU ARE ENOUGH!

Say that out loud to yourself in the mirror or your selfie camera, and then read on for the updates.

Stance on Dance

Stance on Dance is a 501c3 dance journalism nonprofit that educates the dance community and wider audiences about dance from the perspective of underrepresented voices and access points. We do this through publishing and distributing online content and a twice-a-year print publication.

Through our wide array of international content — essays, interviews, podcasts, poetry, cartoons and more — Stance on Dance expands conversation beyond studios and theaters to illuminate the breadth and impact of dance as a practice.

From Stance on Dance’s About page

I’ve had the honor of writing for the website in the past and now I’m excited to share that I’ve also contributed to their first print publication! While my writings have been published in multiple digital publications for years, including my own, there’s something special about seeing your words in actual print. For this first issue, I reflected on how my dance journey changed when I moved from a thriving urban hub of ballroom dance to an area of forest and farmland, and no ballroom studios. Supporters of Stance on Dance receive copies of the print publication, and the articles will also be published for all to read on their website.

Email Challenges

If you’ve been with me for awhile, then you know I like to kick off each new year with a 5-day email challenge. If you don’t know what an email challenge is, think of these like self-led dance workshops.

Each year has a different theme/topic. We work through daily prompts delivered via email, designed to hone a specific aspect of our dance journey and help us build confidence and trust in ourselves along the way. These challenges were only available when they went live. Once they were done, they were done. The next year would bring a new challenge.

I’ve decided to make past challenges available year round! If you missed out on a previous challenge, or are newer to The Girl with the Tree Tattoo, you now have access to content that’s never been widely available before now.

Two challenges are ready to access on Practice Ballroom Dance:

  • Dance Practice Goals
  • Own Your Dance Journey

The Dance Practice Goals challenge will help you create a solo practice routine that fits your life and your big dance goals. It’s inspired by the framework in The Solo Practice Guide for Ballroom Dancing. We start with your big dance goal(s), address the logistics that will affect your solo practice, and then determine what exactly you need to focus on during your practice sessions. This challenge is a great one to start with because it gets you into action quickly with easy-to-follow guidance. Taking responsibility for your dance practice also prepares you perfectly for the next challenge.

While the Dance Practice Goals challenge is primarily practical with a side of inner work, the Own Your Dance Journey challenge dives inward to look at who YOU are and what YOU truly want as a dancer. This challenge will help you build confidence as you gain clarity and take ownership of your dance journey. Others do not get to dictate who you are or what you do as a dancer. This is YOUR journey!

More challenges will be added to the shop in between house projects and work. I will also still debut all new challenges live each January before they’re added to the website. I already have the topic for January 2023. It’s a juicy one!

If you’ve participated in the yearly challenges, I would love it if you would share your experience in the comments.

A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey

One last quick update. After receiving a bulk order, I am down to only ONE copy of A Journal for the Whole Dance Journey. So if you want it, grab it! I don’t know when I’ll be ordering more inventory.

That’s all for now, dancers! I hope your week is as full of dance as you want or need it to be.

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