Inspired by Dance and You

One of the big unexpected side effects of ballroom dancing I continue to experience is the courage to dive into my other passions. I’ve always loved creative writing, but hadn’t done it consistently in years until I started dancing, after which I started blogging. I also realized my dream of being a published author. The tree of life tattoo idea I had since high school finally fully formed in my mind after I started dancing, and then I actually got it inked!

I didn’t want to stop at the tattoo, the blog and the books. Each accomplishment made me want to go further. It circled back around to my dancing too, motivating me to push through layer after layer of fear, anxiety and self-doubt to advance as a dancer (and actually CALL myself a dancer!).

I got a little nostalgic about how far I’ve come today after accomplishing another goal – recording my first video for the Solo Practice Guide!

There’s a reason I’m a writer. I communicate best and most comfortably through the written word. I dreaded the required public speaking courses in school. Heck, I have trouble asking a question in the group setting of a dance workshop! Sharing my ballroom experiences through a blog and books is perfect for me. But it can also be limiting. My desire to #keepgoing is strong enough that I’ve expanded the blog into social media, sharing photos and dance videos along with written articles. While connecting with other individual dancers, I connected with other dance websites and, more recently, did a interview with one (and not the written kind)!

The next step was inspired by you guys. You let me know that sharing my experiences and thoughts on ballroom dancing was helping you on your own dance journeys. I was itching to write another book, and I thought maybe I could do more than just a book this time and help other dancers in an even bigger way.

As a student, practicing on my own is a necessary but difficult thing to do. I think it’s the same for almost everyone. I’ve tried different strategies to making my solo practice efficient and effective, while also staying consistent instead of slacking off after only a couple weeks. I decided this would be the topic of my next creation – solo practice. I’d seek out and test out the various answers to those practice questions like what do I practice, how long do I practice, and what if I don’t have the time, the space, etc. to practice? Sure, I could combine everything in a book and be done. I want to do more though!

So, as you already know, the book idea turned into a full-blown guide on solo practice for ballroom dancing. Because I’m impatient when I get excited about something, I started by creating something small that I could share with you as soon as possible. I created a 1-page worksheet full of tips for solo practice and a sample practice outline. If you missed me virtually jumping up and down over it (I was really excited about how it turned out!), it’s still available to download here.

The next step needed feedback. I didn’t want to leave you hanging with just a worksheet, even though you’d do more than fine with it, while I put the work into creating this huge guide. So I emailed everyone who downloaded the worksheet and asked simply if they liked it and if there was anything missing. One issue came up a lot – how long and how often should I be practicing?

I could have just done a blog post about it. But this was another chance to push myself out of my comfort zone while still sharing my experiences. So I recorded a video to answer the question! And then I recorded it again. And again. Then a few more times.

Like I said, the written word is my safe place, so it took me a few (more than a few) takes to stop stammering or babbling off topic on camera. I finally did it though!



Celebrating the final take!


I’m really excited (and a little nervous) to hear what you guys think. I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who has followed and supported me on this venture, and I’m honored you’ve looked to me for guidance. I don’t want to let you down!

The video isn’t going out to everyone though. When I first published the worksheet, I said only those who signed up for it would receive the content to follow and I’m sticking to that. I also don’t want to leave anyone out, which is why I’m posting this.

I’m sending out the link to the people who signed up on Sunday, October 29 at 2pm PST. I have my own solo practice on Sunday morning, so it’s going to wait until after (#commitment).

So you have until then to get on the list. You can, of course, sign up after that time, you’ll still get your solo practice worksheet, and you’ll receive whatever I produce next (another video? another worksheet? who knows! maybe I do. 😉 ). BUT I’m only sending out each thing once, so whoever is on the list at the time the email goes out is who gets it. The sooner you take action, the more content you’ll get. Make sense?

I actually didn’t want to wait until Sunday. I’m too excited to share this video! But I told myself to be patient and give people a chance to put their email on the list.

Until Sunday at 2pm, happy dancing!

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