Checking In and a Holiday Sale

Everyone survive the Thanksgiving holiday? I ate plenty, but not too much. There was more food coming at a birthday party on Friday, so I tried to pace myself. Now, on Saturday, I don’t feel like I’m still full so I must have succeeded.

I love 4-day weekends (who doesn’t?)! I’ve been off from the day job for two days already, and it’s only Saturday! Of course, I still have to do some overtime work for the office, but at least I get to do it from home. And I get to write to you guys too!

Teacher took a few well-earned days off for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we didn’t have our lessons this past week. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up my dance training on my own when I don’t have at least one lesson with Teacher each week. I like the routine of having my dance lessons with him once or twice during the week, doing my solo practice on Sunday, and then returning to the partner work again the following week. I also look forward to checking in with Teacher about whatever I worked on over the weekend.

Last weekend, for example, I focused the whole time on keeping my right side from dropping as I danced. Judging from the soreness in my back, I felt like I did pretty well too! It’s hard to know for sure though until I dance again with my partner. I also find it hard to know what I should practice the Sunday after a week of no lessons. Usually, Teacher gives me homework based on what we work on during our lessons.

Luckily, I have the worksheet I created as a preview to the Solo Practice Guide. No joke, I fall back to that sample practice when I can’t figure out what I should work on. I don’t just create all this content for you guys, you know!  😉

Holiday weekend or not, I will be at the studio again tomorrow morning for my solo practice. I’ll use the right side as one of my focus rounds again and then I think I’ll work on my eyes. I’m notorious for letting my eyes look down while I’m dancing without even realizing it, so I have to be conscientious about where I’m looking.

I think everyone can agree that a week with no dancing can feel like a year. It sucks when there’s a lot of time between dance lessons! You miss out on the dancing, of course, and the fun you have with your teacher. It’s also easy to lose steam and even easier to forget what you worked on, which can make the bigger dance journey seem longer. You have to go back a few steps at each lesson to review what you did before, and then you continue forward. All of that start, stop, go back, and go forward can start feeling tedious and take the fun out of it. That’s why it’s so important to take notes and to keep practicing on your own in between lessons. You keep the momentum going forward.

I think the hardest part of solo practice for me is the fact that it’s solo. I love the partnership aspect of ballroom – the interaction and collaboration. I know I’m not struggling alone when I’m on a lesson with Teacher. Teacher isn’t there for my practices though. That’s where the checking in and the homework assignments help. Even if my dance partner isn’t physically there for my practice, he’s still involved. I always take notes during my practice time so I remember what I worked on and what I want Teacher to review with me.

I guess I don’t have a grand solution or super positive twist at the end of this story. Just my usual commitment to keep going and not give up. It’s one of those things that I just wanted to share because I want you to know that I get it. Actually, sharing my intentions for my practice tomorrow is making me look forward to it a little more! I’ll post something on social media in the morning to let you know how it went. Let me know how your practice has gone this week too!

And now for something completely different…


Since it’s Small Business Saturday, I’m offering 20% off the two Dance Diaries books. I love a good sale!

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Happy dancing!


One thought on “Checking In and a Holiday Sale

  1. Francesca Bongiorno Fortunato says:

    I actually had a lesson yesterday, because my teacher was at the studio and I wasn’t working, so, I figured, “carpe diem!” He usually gives me solo practice assignments, and I do them, but also add some stuff of my own that just seems like a good idea, based on what I feel during lessons. I really appreciate your solo practice guide, though, because that’s something that all of us struggle with, and it’s good to get insight from another dancer’s experience. I often do my teacher’s practice assignments at the gym I belong to (Planet Fitness) because there’s more space there than at home, even though the floor isn’t good and I’m not allowed to wear ballroom shoes at the gym. I did that today. Mixed blessings. People at the gym look admiring, sometimes, but also like I’m a crazy lady, dancing with an invisible partner!

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