Dance Your Truth – A New Workshop About Dancers

Coming to you midweek to share details about the latest workshop in The Girl with the Tree Tattoo online series, Dance Your Truth!

This workshop is going to be different from other dance workshops because it isn’t about dance. It’s about you, the dancer.

The ballroom industry has transferred itself online to the best of its ability. DanceVision’s entire library of training videos is open to all. Professional dancers around the world are offering free or low cost online classes and workshops. You can take virtual dance classes every single day, even twice a day, if you were so inclined.

Meanwhile, two more competitions announced this past week that they were cancelling their events, after already rescheduling once. Depending on where you are in the country, your dance studio may be open for physically distant lessons with masks or it may still be locked up and dark.

The future of ballroom feels shaky. Our next competition or performance, or even our next in-person lesson, feels more like an “if” instead of a “when.” Online classes are great to keep you moving, but they require more concentration than an in-person class and therefore can wear you out faster.

I’ve written before that my own dance training has taken a more inward turn. Instead of reviewing choreography of Open routines that won’t be danced at a competition for probably another year at least, I’m strengthening my body to better support my knees (I did squat jacks last weekend with no knee flareups!). I’m listening to music more closely to hear the timing and feel the rhythm in ways I couldn’t when I was also trying to move with the proper technique to that music.

I’m exploring more of who I am personally as a dancer. Who I truly am without the external distractions, pressures or expectations.

I realize some people dance because it’s fun and they like getting dressed up in bright colors and sparkling rhinestones. They enjoy the escape from the daily grind and hanging out with their dance friends after they compete. They don’t feel the urge to get so introspective and serious on what being a dancer means deep down in their soul.

If that sounds like you, this next workshop probably isn’t for you.

The Dance Your Truth workshop is for those who do enjoy the inner exploration. Just like they appreciate the challenge of applying new technique to their dancing, they are energized by the challenge of uncovering new layers of who they are as dancers. They love the feeling of connecting to the music and their partner in a way that’s pure and authentic to them.

One of my favorite memories of experiencing that feeling is the Viennese Waltz in the final round of the Closed Silver scholarship at Embassy Ball 2018:

During that dance, I felt so grounded and free at the same time because I felt wholly connected to the true dancer inside me. There was no doubt or fear. Since moving up to Open, I’ve been working my way back to that.

If you strive for those moments when you feel so confident in who you are that nothing can hold you back on that dance floor, this workshop is for you.

If you want to release the doubts and anxiety so you can experience those moments more often, this workshop is for you.

If you want to find peace in the chaos surrounding us right now, this workshop is for you.

Dance Your Truth online workshop is happening Saturday, May 23, 2020! Click here to register.


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