Smooth Camp and Giveaway Winner

Just popping in for a quick update because, to be honest, my brain is a little overworked and the creative juices just aren’t flowing that well tonight.

The past week was a long one. I worked my regular day job and then worked evenings for my second job. Add a couple migraines and you’ve got a week I was more than ready to be done with. I did manage to still get some practice time and one lesson in, so that’s a positive. I also went to a USA Dance social on Friday night. I was on the fence about going. I promised I would go to help with setup and cleanup, like I usually do, but one of the migraines happened on Friday and frankly, I was feeling blue and beat. I made myself go anyway, thinking a bit of social dancing might be just the thing to boost my mood. I was right! I finished Friday feeling much better than when I started.

Saturday was the day of the big Smooth camp at my dance studio. Six hours of classes with five different champion-level coaches. By the lunch break, I was already feeling a little sore in the brain and the body. It didn’t help that the night before was the first time I had danced for several hours in months. The camp was awesome though. So much valuable information was provided AND I met more of my readers! At least five people, I think (sorry if I’m forgetting someone!). One of them flew all the way from Wisconsin to attend the camp and we got to carpool together!


If you have a chance to attend a camp like this and can afford it, I highly recommend it. It might feel a little intimidating (definitely felt that way for me at my first one), but you just get inundated with great information and even if you only retain 25% of it, it’ll be worth it.  FYI, the next one being held at my studio is at the end of April, two days covering Standard and Rhythm (one day per style).

By the end of the camp, my body was complaining loudly, especially my knees and hips, and my brain was in danger of leaking from being so full. All in a good way though! I’m really grateful I was able to afford the camp this time. Hopefully I’ve retained something that I’ll be able to apply at my next dance lesson!

In other news, I can officially announce the winner of my Competing Like a Pro giveaway! Congratulations to Erica! Your copy of the book will be on its way to you soon. Thank you to everyone who entered. It was my first Rafflecopter giveaway, so I hope it was easy/fun to participate!


This coming week should provide some decent blog content. Tomorrow (Monday), I have a coaching (I decided to “treat” myself after all this extra work for the second job). Then, if all goes well, I’ll have three lessons in total with Teacher during the rest of the week. Ballroom Beach Bash in San Diego is my “comeback” competition goal, and it’s only two months away! I’m excited to keep working toward it.

Have a great week, everyone, and happy dancing!


2 thoughts on “Smooth Camp and Giveaway Winner

  1. jtyonemoto says:

    It nice meeting you at the Smooth Dance Camp in Laguna Hills. I was thinking about going to the USA Dance OC party on Friday night, but decided against it knowing that I had the long drive to Laguna Hills (from Redondo Beach) and long day at the camp. I regret not having the chance to dance with you socially on Friday.
    As I told you at the dance camp, I enjoy your blogs and look forward to your future blogs.

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