Viennese Wednesday (Write31Days Day 28)

Today was busy! I had a lesson right after work, then I went home for about 2 hours to take care of my dogs and do some laundry, and then I went back to the studio for practice! I got home and, oh yeah, I need to write something for Day 28 of the 31 Day Writing Challenge!

I hope you’ll forgive me for taking the slightly easier way out and just sharing some videos. Today’s video topic is Viennese waltz.

Viennese waltz is one of my favorite dances. It is one of the most challenging ballroom dances because of its speed and rotation.  But when it clicks in your head and you can dance it with a partner without tripping over your feet or his? Pure magic. You feel like you’re flying.

Viennese is romance, love and royalty. This was the dance you danced when you attended a royal ball with everyone on the dance floor spinning around each other and around the room. It is a rollercoaster ride over clouds.

Without further ado (and because I need to go to bed), my bronze Viennese waltz:

California Open, February 2015

Emerald Ball, April 2015


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