I’ve Got an Itch

I know it’s been too many days since I last wrote something when my fingers are itching to type on the keyboard even though I don’t have a clear idea of what I want to write. So I’m just going to freestyle for a bit before I have to leave for work. I also know it’s been too many days since I danced when I start having lessons in my dreams. Last night I worked on rhythm.

Fortunately, barring any unforeseen circumstances, I will have a lesson today. In real life. It’s been just over a week because Teacher had not one, but two competitions last week (did anyone else watch the live stream of the Twin Cities Open on Saturday?). I’m eager to get back in the studio, now that I have my own competition goal to work toward. I’m also optimistic about my ability to pay for the comp at the beginning of October. Even with my car insurance due in August. Yay bills!

It’s been subtle, but allowing that goal to become a real goal, not just a fantasy goal, has had an effect on me. I even started doing that exercise thing that I say I don’t do. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a big fan of Cassey Ho and her Blogilates/Pop Pilates brand. She puts out workout calendars each month that tell you which of her videos to do on what day. She also has a beginner’s calendar for those just getting into pilates. The awesome thing is her videos are all on YouTube and FREE.

Since it’s been years since I last did her videos regularly, I printed the beginner’s calendar. I’m on day 4! We’ll see if I make it through the whole 4 weeks, but having the competition on the horizon seems to be motivating me to put in some extra effort.

Gotta go to work! Tune in later, I’ll write another post on how my lesson goes!


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