Searching Searching

I have about 10 minutes before my lesson starts. I got to the studio really early, so I’ve already done my stretching, drills and a little choreo review. I thought I would take a brief break to check in with you guys. I know it’s been over a week since I last posted, but I have been thinking about you!

I haven’t been posting because my mind has been consumed by a single question: where am I going to live? 

My latest frustration aside from not being able to find a place I like that I can also afford is rental prices here seem to fluctuate like airline tickets. One apartment I liked increased $100 in two days! I don’t think I need to tell you that it spiked $100 out of my budget. 

So the search continues. I have a few possibilities, but it will come down to catching the right price at the right time. Fingers crossed!

Post-lesson update:

I didn’t quite finish my thoughts before Teacher came to fetch me, so I’m coming back now with more! 

Today, we worked on our tango routine with a focus on me staying left when we’re in closed position. I’m happy to report it was a successful lesson! Keeping left helped me stretch my head out more and feel like I had better control of my balance and steps. I had more room to do what I was supposed to do because I wasn’t ending up directly in front of Teacher. Huzzah!

Desert Classic is in three weeks and the funny thing is I’ve been so stressed and distracted over finding a place to live, I haven’t felt any nerves over the upcoming comp. With the exception of a lesson last week when Teacher wanted to work on emotional expression and I started having an anxiety attack. Not fun. BUT Teacher earned the “best teacher ever” award as he never told me to suck it up or get over it while I stood there trying to breathe and not cry, with an invisible anvil on my chest. He kept reassuring me and trying different things until he found something that finally made me laugh, which helped me calm down. It’s moments like those that make me so grateful to have Teacher as my coach and partner. 

No anxiety attacks today, just hard productive work that left me feeling stronger in my tango. Love that kind of lesson! It was also nice to put my energy into something I love rather than stupid apartment hunting. 

Teacher tells me Friday’s lesson will focus on Viennese waltz. We haven’t touched on that one in awhile, so I better go review the choreo!

Happy dancing, readers! Thanks for sticking with me!


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