Guest Post by Elsa Queen – Mind, Soul, Dance & The Connection Between Them

Please welcome Elsa Queen as she shares her thoughts about how dancing is so much more than just a physical activity.


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Learn How Dance Can Transform Your Body, Mind and Soul

For many of us, dancing is just a fun activity, for parties or just moving to a good beat. But a few of us know that dance has an immense power to dominate mind, body and soul.

Sometimes our mind and body get disconnected, which is often a result of our busy schedules. To release that pressure, we engage in physical exercise, socialize with friends or just try to follow a normal routine.

Well, my friends, have you tried to incorporate dance or movement meditation in your life? If not, let me shed some light on it.

Dance is the only art form which requires a person to be physically, emotionally, and mentally active. It generates a huge power that is good for body consciousness and development.

Have you ever thought about why dance is a growing trend? Dance is emerging more and more as a well-being practice which not only has the mindfulness of meditation, but cardio benefits, positive effects on the body and personal growth as well.

Do You Want a Healthy Boost? It’s Time to Explore the Splendors of Salsa Dancing.

There are various types of dance forms utilized for multiple reasons. Dance is a way to reach a desirable state from physiological, mental, emotional and spiritual respects.

In some parts of the world, dance and music are intricately related to the belief. This topic is researched by various groups to understand the effects of dance on the well-being of human beings.

One of the high energy dance forms is salsa dancing.


Credit: Dancerzblvd

Benefits of Salsa Dancing:

  1. Reduction of stress
  2. Improved sense of self-image
  3. Enhanced verbal and nonverbal communication
  4. Improved cognitive functions
  5. Decreased depression, anxiety and other brain diseases
  6. Greater pain tolerance
  7. Enhanced interpersonal interaction between couples

How Belly Dancing Helps Mind and Body Awareness

Belly dance is an ancient dance form that helps women to unfold and grow their mental, physical and emotional abilities. It is a classic way to connect with our inner beauty at every stage of life.

One of the most apparent benefits of belly dancing is that it is favorable for all ages and body types and can be as energetic or relaxed as you like.

Although it is a low impact dance form, belly dancing is great for:

  • Cardiovascular movement
  • Burning fat
  • Weight control

It improves blood flow and circulation and focuses on core muscles, building flexibility and strength.

How Dance Connects Mind, Body and Soul

Now, let us have a look at the benefits associated with dance meditation:

1) Transform Inner Self

Humans often take their bodies for granted, thanks to the inactive lifestyles. Many of us do not recognize the importance of our bodies. Our body defines the first feature of our “self.” You can explore a new you through dance movements.

2) Control Your Mind

Many dance for the physical benefits and do not realize how involved the brain is in dancing. When we are dancing, we are in a very conscious state. Imagine you are listening to music, taking hold of the rhythm and then dancing along with facial expressions. All these steps require the use of your brain.

3) Improve Your Reflexes

Dancing allows you to improve coordination between your sensory organs. As you get deeper into a dance, the response time of the brain reduces, making your reflexes even faster.

4) Find Joy

Research suggests that whatever the dance form is, it is also quite useful for those who are suffering from depression and anxiety, as it helps regulate brain chemistry and provide emotional catharsis. Moreover, people are better able to adapt to new situations when they experience this enjoyable moving meditation; this is often seen in dance classes.

Author Bio:

Elsa Queen was born in Texas and studied Graphic Design. She likes to research and write on topics related to dance, exercise, and nutrition. She is currently blogging for Dance Passion Studio.


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