What does your dancing need now?

Hello lovely dancers! Just a quick question for you today. I’ve been fighting a migraine all weekend, so I’m trying to minimize my time in front of the computer screen.

At my last dance lesson, Teacher and I were discussing feedback we got from another coach regarding my performance at Emerald Ball. The feedback was really positive; she noted a lot of improvements (yay!). But one thing that stood out to her was my vertical position wasn’t completely vertical. I looked like I was leaning back while I was dancing. She also noted that I wasn’t finishing my arms in their styling.

No matter how long you’ve been dancing, there is always something to improve on. I like that fact actually because it means my dance journey will go on as long as I want it to! Sometimes though, it can be hard to know what to focus on because there are so many things that need improvement! Along with vertical alignment and arm styling, I know I need to work on my expression, my frame, my leg action, my hip action, my head position, putting all of those things together and actually dancing to music, and not to mention I need to continue studying my Standard routines.

What Teacher and I found during our lesson though was what I need right now is to get myself vertical. I’m not engaging my core and pulling it back toward my spine like I’m supposed to, which throws everything else off. So while he is across the pond at Blackpool, I’m going to be working on my core! To kill two birds with one stone, I worked on my core and vertical position while reviewing my International Waltz and Tango routines at solo practice today. It was funny in a frustrating way to note how many times I let my core go. This is going to take some work!

What about you?  Among the many things you know you need to be working on, what’s one thing that will improve your dancing right now?

Let me know in the comments!

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12 thoughts on “What does your dancing need now?

  1. Babs says:

    Like you, I think it would be that same vertical line. I just had an intense two week session with a different instructor. I had never realized what an impact my posture, frame and lines had on my partner. Even a small error will throw things off. I knew that for proper technique and style it was important, but I hadn’t thought of the physics and connection component .The more we learn, the more we find we don’t know, right?


  2. BCBallroomdancer says:

    Also the same right now! I have a bad habit of engaging glutes, letting core go, so that is a big focus for me now.

    My other focus is footwork. My standard can be really messy!

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  3. CODancing says:

    YES-always SO MUCH to work on. The love hate relationship with dance training as it is fabulous to know that there is always something new and challenging but the downside is never getting ‘there’ as there is no ‘there’. Working on dancing is just like working on yourself in life off the dance floor, everyday there is a new opportunity to grow. As to what I need to work on NOW-like you, i think that engaging the core to stay grounded and balanced over my own standing leg would be an awesome thing to focus on! Happy dancing!!!

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  4. Amy @ TalkingTales says:

    My teacher’s starting to really focus on fluidity/motion through my torso in my Latin dances. Theoretically I understand how it works, but applying requires a lot of thought – mostly because I have no reference for how the movement’s supposed to look/feel on me. I think I need to examine my frame as well: I’m feeling strain in my mid-back where I wasn’t previously, which suggests to me that something’s off!

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    • TheGirlWithTheTreeTattoo says:

      Could be your muscles are getting sore because you’re using them in a new way, especially if you’re focusing a lot on movement through your torso. My back was sore after my last lesson where all I did was think about pulling the core back and staying vertical. My back muscles weren’t used to working in that way. But definitely mention it to your teacher if something doesn’t feel right.


  5. alexandria adair. says:

    The things I can work on that will immediately improve my dancing are balance, flexibility and core strength. I didn’t train extensively in studios, so I have a lot catching up to do! Like another commenter said though, it’s all about the journey & I love that. Just trying something over and over until that becomes old hat, and you get to learn something else!

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